Minutes of the Board Meeting
of the 7th ASAMI International and BR Congress
at Hotel Hyatt, Thessaloniki, Greece
 June 7th 2012

The President Prof. Gamal Hosny opened the meeting and gave a welcome speech to all delegates. He also informed about the ASAMI Symposium during the SICOT meeting in Dubai 2012 & ASAMI collaboration with SICOT & encouragement of other ASAMI courses & Symposia.

he General secretary Dr. Leif Pål Kristiansen gave a summary about what has happened during the last 2 years. He informed that most of the activity is linked up to the congress, and that Prof. Ippokratis Hatzokos was the “working board” during the last two years.

To change this and to secure the life of our society, dr. Kristiansen asked for the general assembly to vote for an annual fee to give the society an economic platform. This was discussed and the general assembly decieded to have a fee, 10 US dollars per national member, paid through the national ASAMI societies.

1- New countries:
2 new countries applied for the ASAMI membership:
England and Bosnia. Both countries were present and both applications were accepted

2- Election of the ASAMI international and BR board:

The general assembly decided to change the number of board members to:

President (for two years):
Two candidates were suggested. Dr Koczewski (ASAMI Poland) 8 votes, and Dr. Jhunjhunwala (ASAMI India) 10 votes. Two votes for dr Hatzokos were not legalized because he refused to be a candidate.
The new president elected is Dr. Jhunjhunwala.

General secretary (for four years, two years resists):
Dr Kristiansen (ASAMI Scandinavica)

Treassure (for two years):
Dr Song (ASAMI Korea)

Ex.President and Web/Newsletter editor (for two years) :
Dr. Gamal Hosny (ASAMI Egypt)

Congress president (for two years):
Dr Chaudhary (ASAMI India)

3- The next meeting:
Four countries applied: England, Bosnia, Australia and Korea.
Europe have arranged the congress twice during the last 4 years and was axcluded for election for 2016.
Korea could not garantie for their application and Australia was elected with congress president Kevin Tethsworth.

Dr. Leif Pål Kristiansen
General secretary
ASAMI International and BR